Duxler for Sedgwick County

Meet Renee



My name is Renee Duxler, and I’ve been a businesswoman in Wichita for over 15 years now.

I started out in Wichita working as a social worker. I have worked within the mental health, corrections, public health, child welfare, and aging resource systems for many years.  I have also worked as an administrator for several non-profits, helping direct funding and resources to local citizens with incurable diseases.

Now, I am a small business owner and am personally familiar with and impacted by the economics, dynamics and need for fiscal responsibility, job growth, and attraction and retention of talent to our region.  As a board member with the Douglas Design District, I also understand we must prioritize infrastructure and legacy investments for our community. And in the middle of this busy professional life, I am still a mother raising a family of three active kids. I am genuinely and personally invested in making things better for all children, and families in Sedgwick County.

Having worked all over this county, I have had many conversations over the years with women and families, colleagues, working professionals, business people, and service providers about the key issues and concerns affecting Sedgwick County.  One of the most resounding complaints that I have heard, over and over again, is the general feeling that our County Commissioners—those who are making decisions that affect quality of life and access to resources—really just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to the needs and concerns of our residents.  

I want people to vote for me because I am the most qualified candidate for this job, and have the best vision to move our county and our economy forward. I have worked directly with the various departments of the County, and I have direct knowledge of the County’s budget and how it is spent.

The bottom line is that I understand this community in a way many career politicians simply cannot  I understand we need to be more progressive with our social and human services. I understand that fiscal responsibility starts with smart investments in job growth opportunities and human capital.  I understand that we need new ideas and fresh thinking in order to overcome the problems we face. I understand there are many in our community who don’t have a voice at the table, and desperately need someone to represent them.  And most important, I understand that our residents have a significant sense of civic pride and would like to be more engaged with their local government, but instead feel disenfranchised by and disillusioned with the current status quo.   

Our Sedgwick County families deserve better than the status quo, and it’s my promise to far exceed that benchmark.

Want to know more?  Please contact me and let’s talk.


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