Duxler for Sedgwick County


Boost the Economy
Despite claims to the contrary, our local economy is underperforming in jobs growth, and is continually plagued by negative net migration—with more people continually moving away than are moving in. Job creation, work force training, and talent recruitment and retention are all issues that need to be on the radar of the commission in order to make a more positive impact, and create a sustainable legacy.

Corrections Reform
Our corrections facility is continually overcrowded and in need of funding. Research shows that programs like drug court and other non-residential corrections interventions are not only extremely effective, but work to significantly decrease the number of inmates needing to be housed in jail. Currently, these programs are grossly underfunded or not in place. It is both progressive and fiscally responsible to invest in human capital and potential that has the ability to contribute back to our economy tenfold of what an investment in a prison alone does.

Empower Voters
There is currently no mechanism in place that gives Sedgwick County voters the ability to hold their elected Commission members accountable for misconduct, grave criminal activity, or general failure in job performance. Given recent events and disappointing behavior by members of the current Commission, it is necessary to create a recall procedure for voters who are dissatisfied and fed-up with power gone unchecked.

Protect Vulnerable Populations
Given a number of recent events, including an increase in child deaths and homicidal domestic violence, it is time for the Commission to audit it’s funding streams that are intended to protect these vulnerable populations—including Child in Need of Care (CINC) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) funding—to ensure that they are indeed providing the adequate amount of personnel and resources to address these troubling issues.

Analyze Capital Improvement Needs
Investing in capital improvement projects (CIP) not only has the ability to spur economic development, but also creates a legacy of sustainable growth and development for the area. With an underperforming economy and sluggish job growth, this is more important now than ever. The Commission has a CIP program in place, and its pertinent that it be analyzed and researched in order for the County’s investment priorities to truly provide a return--- not only in short-term gains-- but long-term benefits and impact for future generations.